Softball: rules

Softball is a sport game, reminiscent of the classic baseball. The most notable difference softball from baseball can be called sports equipment – ball. In size it is more of a baseball and not so hard. Baseball jokingly called softball “grapefruit” due to external similarity with him. Lightweight and quite large softball ball is much easier to fight off the bat as the feed rate is low. For this reason, the effectiveness of softball superior performance of his older brother – baseball. It should also be noted that the injured playing softball, much harder.

Softball is very popular among women and beginners. In this command, you can even play the game of mixed composition (men and women on the same team). Depending on the rules of the game, softball divided into “Fast”, “Slow” and “Modifying the” (strong, weak and average feed respectively). The first softball hit the Olympics program in 1996 (not surprising, because the game took place in Atlanta, USA). After this Olympic medal softball women played in Sydney, Athens and Beijing. Now softball is not an Olympic sport.

The history of softball.

The game originated in the late 19th century and was popular among women. Then Softball called for “mashbolom”. After the onset of the era of “live” ball in baseball “mashbol” renamed softball. In the mid 60-ies of the 20 century, the International Softball Federation was formed, and held the world championship debut in 1965 (women). A year later, the movement of men and tightened since then began to take place and men’s world championship in softball. By the beginning of the new millennium, IFS has consisted of 122 federations.
Softball rules.

With regard to the rules of this game, they are not much different from baseball. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that the “Fast Pitch” (fast feed) the most similar to the classic baseball. The first similar tactics and strategies that the team used more often. Variety softball “Slow Pitch” can be called a lightweight version. Firstly, the rules for the “Slow Pitch” simplified to the extreme. This applies in particular feed. Learning to play this kind of softball is possible even for one day. Secondly, for a game of “Slow Pitch” do not need a huge area, and the number of players is reduced. You can play even in steep gym.

Softball is very popular in the United States, Australia, Sweden and many other countries around the world due to its simplicity and entertainment.