Choosing a glove for softball

Softball – a kind of baseball. Popular this game was due to the fact it does not require special physical data, and the percentage of people who have received an injury to her – very little. This is what attracts girls the sport. During the game, players must catch and hold the ball, so for them it is essential to choose a good glove. Currently purchase this equipment item as simple as making lampshades to order: many sports stores and online resources offer a wide range of such products.

Choosing a glove, do not buy too cheap or expensive option. In this regard, it is necessary, first of all, think about the quality, because a good item of equipment can last for several years.


Depending on which position is softball player selected and the type of gloves for him

Receiving. He needed a product that has a thick lining. It should be comfortable and not too heavy, so that the player can easily catch a flying ball quickly to get it and throw it.

Player of the external field. Need elongated glove (35 cm), which has a deep pocket. It will quickly catch not only flying, but the ball rolling. In addition, the gloves can be an open heel.

The feed. It should be a large size product, which allows to hide the ball well and hide from the slugger, what kind of supply will make the player.

The player first baseman. It is necessary to choose a product with a shallow pocket. It should allow to quickly get caught the ball and perform a throw. For catching balls from the players that are in the domestic field, it is better to purchase equipment element of great length.

Player of the internal field. It is necessary to stop the choice on the product with a small length and a small pocket. Gloves should have a closed heel. In addition, it may include an opening for the index finger.

Those who are just starting to play the game, it is better to stop the election on a universal glove, because it can be used in the game at any position. Already after the item selection will be definitively made, you can buy special equipment.