Baseball and Softball can be seen at the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee took the decision on the simplification of certain rules relating to the inclusion of new sports in the Olympic competition.

Baseball and softball even with the 2008 Olympics was not included in the list of sporting events, however, it was most recently scheduled for substantial progress in this matter. However, for the 2012 Olympics baseball and softball could not get under any conditions, but today was marked by significant progress in the agreement that is now possible not to comply with the “Rules of seven years.”

The International Olympic Committee at a conference in Monaco, made considerable concessions. Through much deliberation and persuasion agreed that the Games organizers, at their own will and discretion, will be able to apply to the International Olympic Committee is a sport that they consider it necessary to include in the program.

In turn, the World Confederation of softball and baseball, in full agreement with the decision of the International Olympic Committee, and are fully prepared to provide any support. The reforms, which are held on the eve, have great potential and are very promising.

At this point, involved in the Olympic Games 28 sports disciplines. Thanks to the new reforms, the Olympics can be very diverse, and make it more attractive and interesting. For example, Tokyo has decided to apply for participation in the Olympic sports disciplines of baseball and softball, because they are very popular in these parts.

The big problem was that before the Olympics, for the very coincides with the games in the US Major League Baseball. And to bring the most exciting players in the Olympics, almost fell out the possibility.

But, thanks to the reform of certain laws of the Olympic Games, today we have a quite pleasant conditions for attraction of new sports. Now, the orientation will be at the event, because they determine the popularity and demand, and now there is a great opportunity to attract a variety of interesting sports. With new sports disciplines can really improve not only the overall impression of the Olympic Games, but also to attract the attention of various important sponsors that are not less important.

Therefore, we hope that in the next Olympics, will include not only the baseball and softball, but no less popular other sports disciplines.